The Dark Beast

At the bottom of my gut, the dark beast is waking up.

Snarling, it twists and turns in its fleshy cage

Regularly rattling the bones in its cold rage.

A heinous metronome fuelled by hate

Counting down the remaining beats of my heart.

When at night, the dark beast’s ennui grows and flares up,

It patiently stretches its gnarled claw

Layer after layer, strips the nerves raw

Firing salvos of stabbing pain

 All the way to my helpless brain.

A lycanthrope at birth, the dark beast sometimes climbs up

Ruthlessly crushes the lungs away

Scratching and flaying the flesh in its way

Coiled around my spine, it reaches the heart

And delightfully releases its poisonous bite

During those accursed nights when the dark beast keeps flying up

It viciously mauls the throat

Maliciously shreds the vocal chords

Silencing the soul to magnify the inflicted pain

Until I choke and drown on its spiky mane




I feel Heartless


When i don’t cry

Over the death of a pet

I feel Heartless


When i’m more scared

For the living that will stay

Than for the one about to go away

I feel Heartless


I feel Heartless

When the tales of war

Don’t prevent me

from sleeping at night


I feel Heartless

When my brain think

It is ok not care


I feel Heartless



I will bend to your needs

i will fall to my knees

A spider woving its web

Your fingers on my head

You and I and the World

Twisted in a few dirty words

I will bend to your needs

I will rush onto my knees

Desire being the magnifying glass

Of All the Fire and All the Ice

Everything threaded too tight

All the Wrong and All the Right

I will bend to your needs

I will crawl on my knees

A butterfly’s last flight

I never wanted to fight

Could there be a better reason

To willingly lock yourself in prison

The power of your hunger

The strength of your anger

Will keep me on my knees

The City Of Morloch

This morning, I woke up

A fear inside my guts

Strange flashes of my lingering dream

Echoing in my head, like a dyin’ scream


I remembered the towers of iron

The blue smokes of pollution

An etched graving of

The city of Morloch,


Following down the pipes

I discovered another congregation

A town which energy came

From the crimes of the first one


And right between them

The Mansion of the Begum

Like a black hole pulsin’

Endlessly spinnin’


And I would run helplessly

The landscapes merging blurrily

Looked like the Mount of Doom

As I fell, weirdly flying under the moon


I opened my eyes

And gone were the angsty skies

Was it an opened door

To another real world?


My reality caught up with me

As my stomach started rumbling

I switched on the music

As I do every morning


The tears started rolling

I couldn’t shake away for me

The icy hand stroking my heart

And the phantomatic taste of metal

Broken Glass

The broken glass in my palms

Won’t prevent me from closing my fists

I will dig thru your body if need be

Go with me, Or let go of me


You know, I could use some company

But that’s your call Honey

You wanted me to see the world thru your eyes

Then be ready to see the world thru mine


It is give and take

And there’s no discussing it

I ain’t no bitch

And I ain’t no saint


But just a prefect mix of both

‘Cause, that ‘s how they make us, right

Between two choices my answer has always been

And ‘ll always be “ A bit of Both, darling”

Something Inside

There’s something wild inside

Scratching and screaming


A  pulsing heart tensing with each new beat

Thousands of cells pushing against iron ribs


There’s something riled inside

Scraping and screeching


Swollen lungs shaking with each new breath

Thousands of alveolis straining against iron ribs


Something ablaze

something crazed


Struggling and shrieking

Striking and snarling


Fighting relentlessly

For release

Under Influence

Sweet And Smoke
i saw a lizard choke
Sweet And Smoke
He needed more coke

An artist is a fountain
Mentos and diet coke mixing
The soul raised over mountains
Can’t find any ending

Sweet And Smoke
I saw a monkey soak
Sweet and Smoke
He was needing more coke

I m a sponge
Shower Flower forgotten in the rain
I channel feelings for a higher ground
Squeaking loudly under the strain

Sweet And Smoke
I saw a tiger croak
Sweet And Smoke
He was needing more coke

Let’s launch another round
Others’ geniuses seeping in my dreams
Stars hidden in a sacred mound
Sneak their influences in their beams

Sweet and Smoke
I saw a dragon soak
Sweet and Smoke
He was needing more coke

It pushes strongly against my seams
We’re all under influences no kidding
That art ain’t mine by any means
Does not make it bad, that’s some clever cheating

Sweet And Smoke
i saw a Lizard choke
Sweet And Smoke
He was needing more coke

Tribute To The Doors.