Graze that skin and make it bleed
Get that warmth inside of me
Ain’t no time for regrets right now

Crush the bones in a deadly hug
Carve that sin in the darkening flesh
Let the bruises blossom under the shinin’ moon

Hit harder and make it real
Hold on tighter and sink your nails in those shoulders
Pain and pleasure are twin sisters

Bite that pulse, make it faster
Break the chains at our ankles
Ain’t no time to decide.

Passion or addiction, i’m in for both



Diapers crumbles into charcoal dust
A Cartoon cemetery welcomes the lost Trust
Grazed strings dig in the shadow of a forgotten lust
A ghostly sore throat and my mind coughs off the rust

Up in the air i randomly fly
And i ask an angel passing by
Turned out he was was even more lost than I
He cursed then smiled, made it so worthwhile

A pink punk girl pecks the glow
Blissfully destroy is her motto
A graffiti dress and one painted toe
yeah, i’ll race you in the touch and go

Down in the water I met
A junkie mermaid smoking her net
She offered, i declined, i pod in hand i was already Set
Then appeared Burton Fairies flirting with Ms’ puppet

That one’s such a Pimp under the white face
and I love meeting him in my internal crazy maze
Hysterical release of laughters and i’m in a daze
My brain hiccups, once twice, and here i’m graced

By a sweet little death.

Stroking my spine.

Got back home late tonight
i’m sorry i made you wait
Let’s close the shutters
And switch off the lights

I can feel you
And the secret we share
gets me drunk and high
Each night.
And i hear your smirk
All around the room

Nails grazing my now bare arms
My neck escape my control
And strange rhythmic moans
escape my throat
the feeling is crawling up my thighs
down my spine I shiver
and smile completely stoned
The thrill of the anticipation
makes it even better

And I brace myself for the tsunami
That’s going to swallow my entire being

Gosh, I’m so happy to have fallen
down with you, on the cold tiled floor
The rush settles between my hips
And each time it starts bubbling
from the center to the tip of my breasts
I know it’s too late for me

Those feline guitars keep me trapped
But as long as I’ll hear you
Banging the drums so loud
Shredding your voice to keep the music on
I won’t mind.


I see the lights in his eyes

And at once I dive

Forgetting everythin’ I follow

His warm echoin’ laugh

A scary guardian advises

Caution he teaches

But I’m deaf and blind

To his wise ancient mind

My temptation so beautiful

Both Body and soul

My heart betrays me

And he beckons me

His raw voice ensnares my senses

“May I hold you please?’

His hands on my hips

His breath on my lips

Tangled in bed

No matter how muchI bled

Fighting in the torrent

That led to that moment

His mouth on my skin

His fingers explorin’

THat’s too much, I get louder

He can’t keep me waitin’ any longer

I beg, all pride forgotten

All decency gone

Urging him inside,

I cry out as he smiles

In his hands blossom a proof of his care

As he doesn’t forget to keep it safe

My decadent angel

In one movement

Slides in me easily

I’m finally complete

His breath becomes rawer

The sensations , sharper

A piercing wracks my entire body

Straight through my soul unwaveringly

Pain and Pleasure, mixed in one

Life and Death, in a sacred union

Once, twice, and the tears roll down

I grab his shoulders, tyin’ him down

So intense it is not sex anymore

It is so fuckin’ more

So much pleasure I can’t take it

So much pain I want more of it

Exploding pins in my brain

Burning charcoals coursing my veins

Toward my heart, my center

The sensations hit harder

My cries escaping my lips

Mixes with his low grunts

The tension coming alive

Protects us from the outside

His jaw is clenching

We are both feelin’

Alive for the first time

And dead at the same time

I grip him tighter, despreately

Tryin to carve in

That sacred bond for eternity


That sacred bond for eternity


Follow the drums going faster so much faster.
Feel the flow sinking deeper yeah so much deeper
That animalistic beat increasing the heated pace
Oh gosh I’m loving that greedy lust filled face

Do you realise how deep is the trouble you’re in
That’s gonna be quite the evil ride Sweetie
Everybody knows you’ll like that treat you’re in
Tsss Baby, don’t deny it, your body already agrees

Fuck, those sounds escaping from your throat
Your hunger drivin’ me crazy as i trip on my fallen coat
Hear the raw echoes buildin’ in my chest
Don’t fool yourself Baby, right now  I’m not the conquest

Tasting the limits, grasping my hips, think I’ll let you drive?
You’re panting as you begin to understand, hum feelin so alive
I force you back, helpless against my lips, so turned on
That hat being the only thing you’re allowed to keep on

Grind your hips but remember Darling, Tonight’s my turn to rule your body
Hands roamin’, tongues still fightin’ don’t even think about it Cuttie
Come on, just behave , don’t make me tell you twice cowboy
Yeah, I promise you’ll love every part of being my toy

Where did you find that annoying belt buckle
You smirk at me, wrists crossed over your head as I struggle
Oh gosh, i’m so gonna wipe that smirk of your face
Yeah, the belt’s surrendin’, finally grantin’ me access

I can ‘t stop the moan as I notice  you’ve gone commando
Oh baby, you’re so needing me,  maybe i should say no
I start licking, and suckin’, all the things that’ll make you scream
You’re  tryin to hold back desperately, I can’t help but beam

You’re nearly undone, fingers intertwined in my hair
I bite lightly, remembering you the deal we made
Pant, Moan, Gasp, right now, you’re only allowed to beg
How does it feel Baby, come on tell me, don’t be unfair

Gosh that inarticulate mumble is sending me over the edge
Guess you’ve won the duel, as I let go of the hedge
No more rules, just go malistic and get in
Oh yeah get in get in please Baby get in

Your arms circle my waist as my knees turn to jelly
You know exactly where you need to be
Time to go for the kill
Do you feel the thrill

Yeah, it ‘s my turn to scream as you unleash your vengeance
Don’t think that means you’ve totally won the dominance
I hold your gaze slyly while you’re settlin’ the rythm, finally drivin’
And I clench just right, you should have known I was still the one steerin’

Yeah, just enough to make us explode, just what you needed
To send us both in heaven, yeah that was just enough
We both surrender, defeated
Gosh, don’t you like it when I get rough

Panting, you turn toward me and I can see
That now I’m the one in trouble deep
No need to pretend, ya know I ain’t that innocent
The night’s gonna be long if you seek revenge for that stunt

Guess I didn’t want it to end
Totally surrending to that merciless hand
As I’m meltin’ under your body
Well, can’t say i’m not addicted to you Baby

Litlle Pandora’s Box


A painful tension
Settle in her limbs

As he’s lowering his right hand, his fist closin’ around his dick

A harsh gasp
Brings a little air in her lungs

As he’s closin his eyes, low grunts rumbling in his chest

A merciless spark
lights a raging fire deep in her body

As his head falls backward, moans escaping his half opened lips

A sharp electric jolt.
Spins around her body

As he’s strokin’ himself in rythm with the slow beat

A shared whimper
And she’s gonna lose it

As his hand moves faster, tighter, teasing her

A common decadense
And she can’t take her eyes of the mesmerizing strokes.

As he ‘s about to explode, in front of her, biting his sinful lips as he reaches the edge

A second of insanity
And her lips replace his hand

As she unleashes her tongue efficiently, feeling the hardness against her own softness

A cocky smile appears on  his face,
His hand reaches down once again, fisting her hair

As she lets him slide in and out, full waves of ecstasy coursing his entire frame

A moment of insanity
And he falls backward, lost in space and time, and unreality

As he’s only aware of her mouth, sweet heat, and soft wetness

And she looks up,  admiring the beauty  of his abandon
And he knows, each time, that she can’t let it go,

When he’s being so hot, lost in his own rythms.

Little Pandora’s Box