Curious Lil’ Monkey

The curious lil’ Monkey
Was hanging off a tree
Bored as he seemed to be
Absent mindedly scratching his knee
He Suddenly spotted a key
beckoning and shiny
Beware curious lil’ monkey
You don’t know what it’s hidin’

Jumped on the floor
Taking the key he now adored
Ran around lookin’ for a door
That would be opened by his treasure
It was not long before
Curious makes Smart and even more
He found a big big door
Monkeys can’t resist to explore

The curious lil’ Monkey
Got flooded by what’s the door’d been hidin’
Tons and Tons of Water fallin
Drenching his fur and choking him
Poor lil’ Monkey
pretty miserable all wet and dirty
do you think he learnt anything?
Naww, still curious and still monkey

The Curious Lil’ Monkey
Got back in his tree
water surrounding it
He waited for the sun to clear it
Stupid lil’ Monkey
Soon forgot what got him stuck in the tree
Waters cleared and once again he spotted a shiny key
Guess what happened to the Curious Lil’ Monkey

He learnt how to swim!





Green, Grey or Blue

Each time, it is like voodoo

And each time, I fall under the spell

Each time, makes my heart swell


Corner smile, Wide beam, or Crooked grin

Each time crawlin’ under my skin

And each time, I can’t help but smile myself

Each time, makes my heart swell


Boomy laugh and Sun filled face

Dancin’ and  goofin’  around the place

For his loved ones  He’ll do anythin’

For one of his happy smiles, I’ll do anythin’

There’s no doubt about it

I love him real’ deep

But don’t think too much of it

‘cause he’s not mine to keep


I wouldn’t want it another way

He’s my best friend, so grateful for that

Even when there’s sometimes delay

To find time together  to settle for a quiet chat

A life sentence he received

Of love and care from me

Man, hope you’ll not be bothered

That’s a lifetime you’ll have to bear with me


Little Pandora’s Box


Dedicated to my best friend,  that walkin’ sun so many people want to bathe in.

Can’t find my way

 No need for beer
For My inhibitions to disappear


As he grabs his guitar tightly
And make her scream loudly

Bless the web always providin’
With those perfect Videos waitin’




Scream Dance Bounce Shout
Everythin’ to take that out




No pride in goin’ wild
When I am safely Inside




Even the rhymes don’t feel right
That’s lame, can’t even write




Feelin’ so weird today
Well, the rythm didn’t fit anyway


Little Pandora’s Box



Hangin’ Around

Hangin’ around in The Jungle



Hangin’ around in The Ocean

Hangin’ around in The Sun

Hangin’ around in The Living Room

On the misplaced hoover
Such a sucker

Head first in the couch,
Lettin’ out an Ouch



Little Pandora’s Box

Playin’ with clouds

Raise your head
And look ahead
Far away, in the deep blue sky
I wanna be, as fast as a cloud


If I didn’t love that much
Music, peach flavoured beer and gentle touch
I would set myself on fire and burn
Becoming a cloud, among the birds


Fast, and funny, and Light
Not a flat boring white
Even as a cloud, I’ll cling to my insanity
Nothing else ‘ld matter there, than our creativity



You would raise your eyes
and let your imagination wild
The amazement in your eyes
Would be child like wide


Grey on white, Blue on black
So many colors, shapes, and a crazy knack
To contradict what science ‘ld tell me to be
Would want us all to be


Join me there for a short moment
Lie back in the grass, and be patient
Fly fast and far, become one of my fellow clouds,
Far away from the solid reality, so loud


Little Pandora’s Box