Spencer Bell

Some of you must have wondered about the links on the side, and the references to that guy called Spencer.

Spencer Bell – poet, musician, artist – passed away in December of 2006 from Adrenal Cancer.

Even from where he is nowadays, probably sipping a beer and humming, he helped me overcome  my worst fears, and gave me an understanding no one had ever given to me. You could say he is part of the reasons that drove me to the creation of this blog.

More things could be said, about his songs, his own texts and drawings… I can’t really render justice to his work in such few words. I’m actually trying to help  keeping his legacy alive, with  his friends and family.

That’s why, I can only urge you to click on the links and discover this amazing soul.

The Lyricist


To The Lyricist,

Always grateful,  Spencer.


One day, I know

We’ll succeed to share that beer.





4 Responses

  1. ah hey, i took that photograph. i’m so glad spencer is inspiring to you; i’m sure he would be glad too.

    • It ‘s one of my favourite pictures of Spencer! great shoot!
      Not only does he inspire me, but he opened a whole new world to me.
      He Healed my soul and truly showed me, I wasn’t alone.

      I hope he would find that okay ^^.

      Thank you for allowing strangers like me to discover this Beautiful Soul.

      • that’s so awesome 🙂
        you should check out my site too sometime, i have some stuff up there related to him as well.

      • I will! Definitely!
        As soon as I have time to really concentrate on it.
        So probably this weekend!

        Hope you’re well

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